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The Basics of Cloud Computing | B2B Inbound Marketing and Sales

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The Basics of Cloud Computing

Article by Groshan Fabiola

Everyone is looking to the skies for the next wave of Internet success stories. Why? Cloud computing! Don?t be afraid. Cloud computing is simply the next logical step for software development. It?s all about scalability.

One of the biggest obstacles for most companies is technology. Computer hardware and software is extremely expensive. Locating and retaining people who know how to manage both is also expensive. Cloud computing removes these obstacles by networking your computers with other computers to process data. Google Docs is one example of how cloud computing works. By reducing your investment in hardware and software, a company can concentrate more on their core business. In other words, you can spend more time doing the things you do best and less time maintaining your computer systems.

It is a simple concept, and no, it was not invented yesterday. In fact, it?s been around for years. It?s more affordable now and more companies are implementing cloud computing because of the cheaper startup costs. There are three ways in which cloud computing can be put to good use.

You can use cloud computing to implement an infrastructure as a service (IaaS), or you can offer software as a service (SaaS), and finally, you can provide a platform as a service (PaaS). SaaS is very attractive because it removes the need for installation and deployment. SaaS also means global accessibility and high affordability. Because SaaS is online it also helps us to avoid any possible headaches caused by VPN, thus creating more efficient collaborations. When it comes to usability, PaaS and IaaS are more useful to developers and corporations wanting to develop, test, design, troubleshoot, and deploy custom applications.

No matter which service you implement, the key advantages are you eliminate the need to download software to your computers. You also eliminate the need to buy more hardware and you no longer need an IT department. Instead, you simply need a terminal and a good Internet connection. It?s that easy! So if you want to know what?s next in computing, look to the clouds.

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