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March 4, 2013 at 2:39 pm

Have you ever forgotten a loved one?s birthday? Forget a to buy a gift, card, or anything to acknowledge that you?re thinking about them on their day? They get pretty mad, don?t they? They may not tell you, but inside they?re burning up! Have you had this happen to you? I think we all have. It?s not a nice feeling, to be forgotten.

We may not feel this way when a business doesn?t give us a small token on our special days. But when we do receive something, it practically makes our day, doesn?t it? Every year, Toys R Us sends us $3.00 off coupons for our kids birthdays. My kids are really excited to receive this cool little token. Which is great from a major corporation.

Your small business can make your customers feel the same way. Start by gathering a database of birthdays, anniversaries, whatever you?d like to commemorate with a promotional product. Once you have a good start of dates, put them on a calendar and set a reminder to send out a small token a week before the big day. It can be something small, like a custom pen to something larger, like a printed mug or custom chocolates. One of our favorite ideas, for restaurants particularly, is to send out a birthday or anniversary gift card, only valid on their special days to visit your establishment. Offering a free desert or appetizer to draw in the birthday celebration will encourage your other diners to visit on their birthdays or anniversaries as well!

For most businesses, we recommend that you send a practical promotional product to your customers from your business. Customers constantly receive offers to visit a business in the mail, and we want to differentiate your business from the rest of the clutter in the mailbox. if you mail your customers something that intrigues them to open your envelope, they will instantly appreciate your small token of generosity.

Visit www.homegrownpromos.com for some great ideas on sending your customer great birthday or anniversary wishes!

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