Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 can double as a gaming console

5. garz_pa posted on yesterday, 01:41 16 1

Perhaps that's why it's called an 'accessory.'

17. darac posted on yesterday, 03:36 18 0

You banged your head??
How on earth is this gimmick??

39. XPERIA-KNIGHT posted on yesterday, 07:40 1 7

Gimmick? Maybe not. Ugly? Yes! Lol the moga seems better to me

40. 0bsessions posted on yesterday, 08:30 0 0

The Moga certainly is more aesthetically pleasing, but I'm not sure if this thing won't be a bit more comfortable. I've played around with the Moga at a few Verizon stores and while it's sleek and very portable looking, it's also not entirely comfortable even in small doses. I can't imagine the kind of cramps from more extended play and I honestly have relatively small hands for a guy my height.

I've been eyeing the Moga anyway, just because it looks like the best current solution for playing some games on my phone, but I may wait until this thing drops just so I can try both.

30. doejon posted on yesterday, 05:29 5 6

a smartphone itself is a gimmick.. lol

go buy a nokia 3310..

2. cdnfreak posted on yesterday, 01:18 22 5

I want one, now please :)

3. chistoefurpuffer posted on yesterday, 01:27 24 11

This device just keeps getting better and better.

18. darac posted on yesterday, 03:38 16 7

Yet the haters will keep on hating.
Now go on, thumb me down, losers

25. _Bone_ posted on yesterday, 04:29 6 10

I thumbed you down even though I agree with you.

4. polyploidy90 posted on yesterday, 01:34 28 11

Another reason why to go for S4 & not HTC or Sony is how samsung stands behind their products & keeping them always updated not just with offering newer android os versions but also with accessories & software like how they announced that all the new S4 software related features will be available on S3 beside getting the new keylime pie, this is how Sammy rules & will still rule despite the lack of innovation regarding S4 design. You can easily call this Game Pad innovaion.

13. alterecho posted on yesterday, 02:28 7 5

If Sony puts in full hearted effort to bring Playstation games to their phones, it's game over for other manufacturers. Think about it... God of War, Metal Gear,... Games which only Sony holds the rights.

Even Windows Phone 8 has tremendous potential if they can bring in old XBOX games, and any manufacturer adopting WP8 would be having good gaming capabilities. If only they to put more effort in bringing those old games to the platform.

Sony has studios such as Sony Santa Monica, Microsoft has Microsoft Game Studios, 343 Industries with Halo rights... These two are sitting on some gold mines. They obviously can't bring the recent ones, they can atleast try resurrecting the older gems.

14. polyploidy90 posted on yesterday, 02:46 6 0

I know they can but they didn't which is my whole point because if they did so no one will go and buy their PSPs. They are looking at growing their business from a different view.

20. darac posted on yesterday, 03:52 1 1

Yes, but you have to keep in mind developers always go where money is, ie the user base.

According to surveys, only up to 20% of game developers will work for the next Xbox and ps4.
And a vast majority will turn to Android and iOS.

Some estimations say that consoles will sell only up to 35 million units this year.

At the same time,, you'll see over 300 million high end smartphones and ~ 200 million tablets sold!

Look at this device only!
It has some 40-50 GFLOPS of processing power (ab)

22. darac posted on yesterday, 04:05 1 1

..geesh, darned this posting system.

Anyways, the S4 is already a very capable gaming device.
The efficiency of mobile platform environment can make some games running on this, to look almost as good as a ps3 titles.

And the S4 alone will likely sell more than 50 million units this year which will technically make it by far the most prominent gaming device released in 2013 (along with the iphone 5S, and iPad mini 2 i guess)

So, don't expect any studio to release major mobile game titles skipping on those devices.
It won't happen.

16. pyradark posted on yesterday, 03:30 2 5

still no budget for that. hahaha
S4 SOftware is phenomenal, I agree that, still Ill go for Xperia Z

23. rgxVOiD posted on yesterday, 04:05 3 0

You do know that you can connect Android phones to DS3 controller right? There are plenty of 3rd party controller that were made for Android ages ago. No "Game Pad" innovation here

26. Note2waitingonNote3 posted on yesterday, 04:41 3 0

I agree 100%.With the Galaxy S4 and current Galaxy Note 2 this accessorie will be great. Gotta get this before the launch of the Galaxy Note 3.

6. ama3654 posted on yesterday, 01:45 7 0

Can't wait any more for S4 and accessories, SUPER!!!

8. tiara6918 posted on yesterday, 01:52 4 0

The console is a really good idea for samsung to bundle up as an accessory for the s4. They've even featured some games and apps that are compatible with this

10. voxmarc posted on yesterday, 02:20 14 2

the best thing about S4 is you have all the options in the world,almost nothing left unturn...i want this beast now!

11. voxmarc posted on yesterday, 02:25 7 1

you can find the original video on this site below.....and try to look for the review on S4 IR blaster and Watch ON you'll be surprise....

44. ebubekir26 posted on yesterday, 12:49 1 0

why do you say that ?!,, show some respect man !

49. Myrith posted on yesterday, 21:18 0 0

I dunno, I find her voice pretty annoying, especially with how the pitch flips up at the end of the sentence. :P

19. procopiojose posted on yesterday, 03:38 10 5

htc one having an aluminum unibody is a gimmick..

42. RapidCat posted on yesterday, 10:37 1 0

and same design with another phone company :)

50. Jonathan41 posted on yesterday, 23:15 0 0

Right, who cares about hardware and build quality anyway? Oh right, most people.

21. rgxVOiD posted on yesterday, 03:52 1 3

I don't get it, just because it can be connected to a controller makes it a gaming console? Any android phone can be connected to a PS3 controller before this, why aren't they called a gaming console? They can play the same game that's the GS4 is playing.

24. darac posted on yesterday, 04:10 8 2

Yes, but you have to use micro to mini USB adapters, cable, game klip, and mapping software (in most cases).

This is ready to go, plug and play solution.

And trumps PS Vita in almost every way imaginable

28. rgxVOiD posted on yesterday, 05:14 2 2

Except for the fact that PS Vita has Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Katamari Touch, Little Big Planet, Sound Shapes, Sly Cooper, Playstation all star, Gundam Breaker, Atelier, Disgaea 3, Metal Gear Solid, Persona 4 Golden, Rayman Origins...

You were saying something about PS Vita?

32. darac posted on yesterday, 05:48 6 2

S4 has HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF GAMES, majority being free.
How many games Vita has?
How much a piece?

Btw, have you compared Modern Combat 4 with CoD black ops declassified?

33. darac posted on yesterday, 05:50 3 2

..something tells me you have very little knowledge about Android games

35. rgxVOiD posted on yesterday, 06:00 2 3

..something tells me you have very little knowledge about PS Vita games.
Have you played any of those I mentioned? How does it compared to Android games?

34. rgxVOiD posted on yesterday, 05:58 1 2

Having a lot of games doesn't means that they're all good.
No one play BOPS so doesn't really matter what matter is I enjoy Vita games more than Android games.
If you can afford GSIV, I don't think game price matters.

37. darac posted on yesterday, 06:47 3 1

Ps Vita has some good games, no doubt about that, but overall the content is so scarce next to Android that there's not even a comparison.

I don't have a Vita, but I have played tens of high end 3D games on my S3, fair amount of them being free.

Currently I'm playing Real Racing 3 (freemium game), and I've spent some 35 hours on it.
Had I paid 40$ for any of those games I'd waste a lot of money,that I can tell you.

It's an overwhelming difference

29. Hemlocke posted on yesterday, 05:28 1 2

This XBox 360 ripoff ( Even the button color is identical) is nothing new. Moga and others have already been doing this. The only thing Samsung deserves here is derision for slavishly copying a Microsoft product.

38. xperiaDROID posted on yesterday, 07:13 0 0

Dude, does this means that Microsoft is gonna sue Samsung? NO, I know the button color is identical, but every spots of the console is nothing look-alike with XBOX's.

41. prokshit posted on yesterday, 08:31 0 0

U know This would have turned a very good concept if they had Included a Battery pack like thing+ wireless Joystick=More lasting game and reasonable for its large size... Then it would have been better.

43. Jyakotu posted on yesterday, 12:09 1 2

Meh, I'll stick to using my PS3 for games. As I see it, games on mobile phones are just supposed to be quick distractions. They can't really compete with the experience of the Vita or 3DS for games. Some can, but not all of them can.

52. darac posted on 2 hours ago 0 0

Of course not all of them can.
But there's still PLENTY of full scale games on Android, in fact much more so than there is on Nintendo and Sony handheld.
It's WAY past the quick distraction phase, man.
Wake up.

You have full pc ports such as Max Payne, GTA, Final Fantasy, The Bard's tale, you have full rts and rpg games.
Hook them up like this, and you get a complete and mature gaming experience.
You wouldn't call GTA on ps3 a quick distraction would you?

Try to play and finish N.O.V.A. 3, and then get back to me, with a quick distraction story. It's better and longer than HALO 4, imo.

45. ChafedBanana posted on yesterday, 13:44 1 0

Why does every dock have to hold the phone vertically?

48. k1ng617 posted on yesterday, 15:48 1 0

I have a Note 2 and Moga and trust me you can notice the input delay. Forget trying to connect it to a TV it'll be even worse.

51. darac posted on 2 hours ago 0 0

Moga is crap, almost all reviewers agree on that


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