Monday, April 29, 2013

Streaming eagles: Webcam turns chicks into stars

>>> finally tonight, from humble bay, california. it's a two american bald eagles and their new eeg lets, whose ever meal and chirp are being beamed to a growing crowd of fans around the world.

>> monty spends a lot of term nursing birding back to health and this one survived a gun shot wound.

>> you can see how that wing wants to droop.

>> but these days, he and his staff and nearly 300,000 fans online, can't keep their eyes off the computer screen . two nesting eagles with their two new chicks born this week.

>> one of the things that's nice about it is it really demonstrates that the endangered species act works.

>> in fact, since the passage of that act four decades ago, the stretch that's seen the numbers of nesting eagles rise to nearly 10,000 today, this is the first pair to homestead on the shores of humble bay. a made for life couple. she's the one with the single birt feather, but mom and dad equally generous at feeding time .

>> as you're watching, you'll see they're bringing in all kinds of fish and also the occasional rat.

>> whether you live in the city or country, it's rare to see even a single bald eagle , but your chances of observing a nesting couple raising an eagle or two are just about nil unless you're following an eagle cam. there have been others. one in iowa, one in new jersey.

>> whoever would have thought that years ago when we were poisoning our fields with ddt that these eagles could come back in such a short period of time.

>> but this one atop a 100 foot tall doug lis fir is streaming an intimate a view from an eagle's life has been seen.

>> they'll still be with their parents after that because they have a steep learning curve .

>> right now, it's just the parents doing the hunting and the baby sitting and the chicks and their hundreds of thousands of fans can't get enough of it. mike taibbi , nbc news, los angeles .


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