Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Keep your marriage fresh ? WPIX Morning Show |

June 19, 2012 ? 3:30 pm

For many of us that are married or have been in long-term relationships, we know the everyday existence of being with your partner can become stale and uneventful, especially if you have been together for several years.

Well, in order to reignite the romance and put some sparks back into your relationship, I?m offering up some tips on how to keep a relationship and marriage fresh:

1) Communicate ??As with any relationship and marriage, you have to keep the communication flowing. There are going to be issues with your partner that come up that are going to annoy you.

2) Compromise ??When in a relationship or marriage, it can be irritating when your significant other always takes control of the decision-making ? what you?ll do, where you?ll go, etc. The give and take of compromise will help strengthen your relationship.

3) Be Considerate ??Always show consideration to your partner. Don?t throw your day?s frustrations on to them. Never talk down to them or humiliate them in public. Try to reflect on your behavior, have you been selfish over the past week?

4) Compliment ??Often times in long-term relationships we become stingy with offering positive compliments to one another. However, we never seem to lack in throwing out negative comments when we feel like it. ?Believe it or not, a sweet compliment might make their day!

5) Be Creative ??It seems like whenever we are in a new relationship we tend to come up with all kinds of creative things to do with one another, but when we get into a long-term relationship or marriage, we tend to become creatures of habit ? dining at the same restaurants, doing the same things every weekend. Try to change it up and be creative with your time together.

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