Monday, June 25, 2012

Thumbnails On Firefox?s New Tab Page Could Expose Your Private Data, Fix Coming Soon

firefox-beta-13-new-tabMozilla's Firefox 13 launched earlier this month and the latest version of the popular browser introduced a number of new features, including support for Google's SPDY protocol and a new homescreen and easy access to your most often used sites through the improved new tab page. That convenient new speed dial-like new tab page presents a bit of a security risk, however. As the Register reports, the thumbnails that accompany these links on the improved new tab page have the potential to leak personal information. The browser, it turns out, regularly takes screenshots of your browsing sessions to create these thumbnails (even while you are browsing a secure site)?and, in the process, could potentially expose your private data like banking information or email subjects to anybody else who uses your computer.

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