Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MobilePress2U: Using your Nokia Lumia to Game

Nokia smart phones are now going to provide you the wonderful applications and features of the games as the fanatic people of the games will rejoice and will enjoy their gaming ability. They are amazing and one will have a variety of them to play.

There are different types of gaming apps of the Nokia Lumia in the market today. All that one needs to do in order to enjoy them is downloading them for free. Drop application is one of the best and effective gaming app. This exciting game is simple and easy to play. It involves tilting the device as one makes bouncy ball falls between the gaps that are provided on the game. If one wins, the game will alert you using the accuracy accelerator. The majority of the people agreed that at the beginning it just amuse you but you will appropriately enjoy this after sometime.

Nokia Lumia provide you the updated form of snake game as the majority of people had played this game before because it is the most common gaming application. It is one of the simplest games that both children and adults can play it pretty well. all the stages and levels are great and amazing.

Nokia Lumia provide you one more sweetest application named as Rally 3D, here you can speed up as well as control the car not to move in wrong direction and try to avoid the walls it is just simple as that. It is a competition hence one has to make efforts of finishing first. It is important for one to keep in mind that in order to enjoy playing this game for quite some time it is important for one to put into consideration Nokia Lumia mobile accessories such as the Nokia Lumia 900 wireless accessories and the Nokia Lumia 710 cell phone accessories. what do think bounce tales include in the top gaming applications provided by Nokia Yes it is as well as it is the game that a person will play it with excitement as I is the most colorful and enjoyable game. It consists of different tales, enemies and one should be on the lookout while also playing so that the enemies do not kill them.

ConnecToo is one game that one will like to play so much. Through linking yellow to yellow a person can create his pathway by matching red to red and blue to blue. One can play this game online for free as long as they ensure stable connectivity for the cell phone. For one to see the game displayed clearly on the screen, it is important the screen is spotless and free from scratches. You should have Nokia Lumia screen protector to protect your screen. They are readily available in the market that is why one should find the most appropriate one for his/her device.

Gaming applications can do well if one considers the available of space and the ability of the cell phone. There are some smart phones in the market that are unable to support some games and if at all they open the games, they would drag and in return, one may not enjoy gaming. A person can store as many gaming application as they want because of the storage capacity of 16GB and Nokia Lumia should be appreciated as it has powerful processor. To ensure the safety of your device you should find a well fitting Nokia Lumia case.

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