Sunday, March 11, 2012

Apple's Real Estate Surge; Why Apple Can't Sue Kodak - Cupertino ...

Every week, Apple makes news with technology developments, business deals and, more often than not, controversies.

That?s where our weekly "Core Bytes" column on Apple comes in. We?ll relay the past week?s news highlights from our favorite backyard tech giant.

Apple wants to pursue a patent suit against Kodak. Only it can?t. A judge at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court ruled on Thursday that Apple could not pursue patent infringement litigation against Kodak due to its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. Apple has alleged that Kodak?s digital cameras, digital photo frames, and printers infringe on its patents.

For iPhones on iOS, Apple is ditching Google Maps for OpenStreetMaps, which is often referred to as ?the Wikipedia of maps? since anyone can edit it. Wired laments that the data in the maps Apple is using is almost two years old, meaning that it?s ?fine for something like adding location details to your vacation photos, but would likely not be accurate enough to provide navigation or directions.?

New Products
Apple launched the much-awaited "latest iPad?Wednesday, and many are raving about the new Retina display. Its brag-worthy features include four times as many pixels as the iPad 2 display, and 44 percent greater color saturation. hasn?t yet made it out of its beta phase, but Apple is pulling the plug on it come July 31. The service was similar to Google Docs, where users could store their documents online, but since launching iCloud there has been less of a need for it. So iWork users, act soon to save your documents elsewhere.

Business Deals and Developments
Apple is the catalyst for the biggest leasing surge in Silicon Valley since 2000, real estate analysts say. More and more property companies based from afar, such as Alecta Pensionsforsakring, a Swedish pension manager, are buying up property in Cupertino, speculating that prices may soon rise. Apple currently holds 60 percent of office space in Cupertino.

There is exciting news in Austin, Texas other than SXSW right now. Through a $304 million investment, Apple plans to build a new campus there. It would add 3,600 jobs over the next decade, nearly doubling the workforce of the city. The bulk of the jobs would be in customer support, sales and accounting.


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