Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lebanon awash with weapons vital to Syrian uprising

Since the Syrian crisis broke out, the price of weapons has exploded in neighboring Lebanon. ITN's John Ray meets the rebels buying the weapons and the dealers selling them.

By staff

Equipped with rifles and handguns, Syrian rebels have faced a superior enemy armed with tanks and artillery shells for months. But even as many have retreated over the border with Lebanon to train for guerrilla raids, they tell ITN's John Ray they are not considering surrender or ceasefire.

It's victory or martyrdom, they tell Ray.

"We need weapons, armor-piercing weapons," one masked rebel says.

In Beirut, there is no shortage of weapons from dealers with global connections. Since the Syrian crisis broke out, the price of weapons has exploded, a dealer tells Ray, but these weapons continue to be vital to the Syrian uprising.

And rebels are determined to obtain these weapons at all cost, even as some dealers say they're forbidden to sell to rebels.

ITN's John Ray contributed to this report.

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