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APWU: Senate Debate on Postal Bill Expected in Mid-April

3/27/12 ?

Use This Time to Advocate Union?s Position, APWU Says The Senate is now expected to consider a postal bill in mid-April, following a two-week congressional recess that begins Friday, APWU Legislative and Political Director Myke Reid reports. Senators were expected to begin debate this week, but discussion of a bill to repeal tax subsidies for

Direct Mail Marketing Level Up | Futch Printing and Mailing

3/27/12 ?

Marketing Sherpa released a chart that shows that direct mail is still considered a very important part of any business to business marketing campaign. It may not be as trendy as social media, but it most definitely does work.

Secret Direct Marketing Strategy | Venture Capital 8

3/27/12 ? Hows your direct marketing strategy my friend? My small business advisor is doing very well in giving me advices that help explode my business profits. Visit ?

USPS? losses mount in February

3/27/12 ?

Washington, D.C.?The U.S. Postal Service reported a loss of $1.1 billion for the month of February, the fifth month of its fiscal year, raising its year-to-date losses to $5.6 billion.

IWCO Direct Invests to Reset Its Production Platform

3/27/12 ?

IWCO Direct,?a leading national provider of direct marketing solutions, will invest $4 million to reset its production platform during the next 60-120 days. This reset is driven by opportunities presented with the company?s recent $13 million purchase of high-speed equipment from DGI Services, LLC combined with response to market strategy shifts within the financial services [...]

Benefits Of Online Direct Marketing

3/27/12 ?

With the power of the internet, marketing to your potential customers is easier than ever. The benefits of online direct marketing are so numerous that you cannot afford to not explore this method of reaching new sales. One of ?

Congress ready to tackle postal reform

3/27/12 ?

WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) ? Congress is looking this week at ways to save the struggling U.S. Postal Service. The Senate could start debating a bipartisan bill that offers buyouts to senior employees, cuts worker compensation benefits and makes it possible to end Saturday service in two years. On Tuesday,?Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe?will tell a House subcommittee [...]

National Postal Forum Updates and Reminders

3/27/12 ?

New for 2012!?(Brought to you by The US Postal Servce and Accenture:) The NPF Mobile App! Backed by the US Postal Service, Accenture?s development team did an amazing job of re-imagining the NPF Personal Planner for mobile devices. ?The NPF Mobile App has been designed for use on your Iphone/Ipad, Android phone/tablet device or Touchscreen [...]

USPS explains ?flawed? estimate of losses from mail plant closures

3/27/12 ?

The US Postal Service said today that estimates suggesting it would lose more than $5bn in revenues from plans to close half its processing network were based on ?seriously flawed? research. The Postal Service commissioned customer surveys last autumn as it prepared plans to downsize its network of 461 Area Mail Processing plants to save [...]

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