Wednesday, May 16, 2012

10 Rules for Political Conference Calls - Kevin Cate Communications

It?s part of the job, but one of the worst. Compiled with help from GOP political consultant?Rick Wilson, these 10 rules should be shared with every politico, especially those that will be offended by it.

1. Never be on a call that can be started without you.
2. The mute button is your friend, use often.
3. At 40 minutes, effectiveness asymptotically approaches zero.
4. Speakerphones are evil.
5. If someone joins late, no recaps, no new roll calls.
6. ?How are you doing? is a greeting, not a question.
7. Fire the person that asks ?Who just dropped off??
8. Preface nothing with ?this is out of my lane, but??
9. ?Offline? is either a place to shut you up, or do actual work.
10. Too many conference calls = lack of leadership.

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Update: Democratic Super Pollster Dave Beattie adds 11th:

11. ?Inverse relationship between the number of participants and quality of decisions.

Update #2: Democratic Consultant (etc.) Jason Stanford adds 12th:

12. ?Who?s on?? is not a roll call.


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