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NCHS Courant ? Blog Archive ? The Artist Notebook: David Lovas

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Video by Bryn Pennetti

Bryn Pennetti
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Junior David Lovas started his musical career playing violin. Now, his rising online popularity is catching attention as he furthers his electronic music.

How did you begin creating music?

I?ve always been interested in music. Ever since a young age I?ve always been musically involved. From violin, guitar, up to the synthesizers I use today. I had always played instruments, I had always been able to navigate my way around a keyboard or piano. But it wasn?t until I obtained my first synthesizer in December of 2010 that I began to start creating my own electronic music.

Have you always liked techno?

Absolutely not. I used to despise it. Contrary to popular belief I don?t make or listen to techno. I deal with Trance Music, a different Subgenre of electronic music. I believed that [electronic music] required little skill. I couldn?t have been more wrong.

What is the first track you ever made?

The first thing I wrote was a track called ?Horizons.? It was right after I received my first synthesizer. I created a sound that I dubbed ?horizons? and I would usually end up playing this one specific melody/bass progression I came up with. I never recorded it, since I didn?t have recording equipment then, but I would suppose I could credit it as the first thing I ever wrote.

What is your favorite track?

My favorite track of mine is pretty much always the last track I?ve created. My newer tracks are simply better as I?ve picked up new skills. I?d have to say ?A Day in the Past? is my favorite track I?ve written so far.

Do any artists inspire you?

I am inspired by many artists. I guess I would have to credit Armin Van Buuren for exposing me to so many different artists in the genre. Many people who aren?t accustomed to the sounds in EDM pretty much think all tracks are the same, but they are very, very wrong. I wouldn?t be able to tell you who mainly inspired me since there are so many. But I can tell you right off the bat some of my favorite composers are Ralphi B., M6, Amon Tobin, etc.

What programs/ instruments do you mainly use?

DAW wise (Digital Audio Workstation), aka the main software used in the creation process. When I first began producing I was using Logic Pro, but I quickly grew tired of its unnecessarily complex interface. Soon after I switched over to FL Studio as my main DAW, my music started to pick up momentum fast. I?ve really only had FL for several months and already my productions have improved 10 fold in quality.

Noticing the comments on your soundcloud, how do you respond to the criticism??

The way I respond to criticism is quite simple. I listen to what the person is saying, and I note their bias towards the Genre. If I gather that someone from a hip-hop, or a rock community is giving me advice on the structural format of my music, I usually disregard his or her words.

To view and download some of David?s songs click HERE.?

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