Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Facebook Hires Team From Android Photosharing App Dev Lightbox To Quiet Mobile Fears

Lightbox Joins FacebookFacebook has just closed a deal to hire the full team of seven employees from Android photosharing app developer?Lightbox, which should reduce worries that mobile will be its downfall. The Lightbox Photos app developed by the 500 Startups company automatically created personal photo blogs from a user's uploads. But now it will be shut down, has already been stripped from Google's Play marketplace, and people have until June 15th to download their photos. Along with the Instagram buy, the last-minute-before-IPO Lightbox hires will help assure investors that Facebook will do what it takes to win the very mobile-centric future of social networking. But the Lightbox talent acquisition still doesn't illuminate how Facebook will make more money off of little screens.

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