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Women make for Successful Day Traders | How to Day Trade

Women Day Traders

Are women outdoing men in the ultimate man?s club?

It looks that way. A once predominantly male only field has been seeing a huge increase in female participants. I am referring to the field of Day Trading.

Twelve years ago, just 17% of the investors who used the online broker Selftrade were women. In 2010 that number grew to 34%. Another resource Stockopedia, which is a site specialising in broker research and stock market analysis, says between 30% and 40% of its user base is female. There are increasing numbers of smart, savvy women out there who are taking up the challenge of making their own investment decisions.

Day Trading Housewives

?Gone are the days when online investing was completely dominated by men,? says Edward Croft, chief executive of Stockopedia.

Many of the women who have turned to share trading have done so very recently. The increasing availability of information and services online has helped fuel this trend.

Not only are more women joining the ranks of Day Traders they?re better at it, say some!

Turner, the author of The Beginner?s Guide to Day Trading Online, insists women are better suited for day trading because they?re more likely to approach it as a profession, rather than a day at the races. She goes on to say ?Women are better at this than men. They set up their office as they would a business, learn everything and question everything.?

Being in this business myself for more than a decade, I would have to agree. Having spoken with hundreds of newcomers and witnessing many of them wash out (women included) I have noticed a distinct advantage women have over men for this line of work. Men tend to over complicate things whereas women don?t. And Day Trading is one of those things where it is incredibly easy to over complicate. A trade that you place will either work or it won?t, how much simpler can it get. You can see a little of what I mean by watching the video below or by seeing it here How to Day Trade Introduction

This ties into another advantage for women. Men feel the need to be right all of the time and when you are faced with a trade that is going against you this is a dangerous mindset to cling to.

Having the ability to exit a losing trade quickly without having your Machismo affected will go along way toward protecting the balance in your Trading Account.

Are you Woman enough to try your hand at Trading?

If so, you can receive complimentary instruction and your own Simulated Trading Account to practice trades in real time by signing up HERE. The only thing that isn?t real is the money you put on the line.


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