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Career Advancement Using SM For Lawyers | Profiting With Public ...

Last week I was speaking at New York County Lawyers? on how to effectively use social media to advance your career. Below is a checklist of what I covered during the two interactive sessions. Please note the notes below are in draft form and are specifically for those who attended the sessions.
1. The Good, Bad and Ugly about Social Media.
2. How To Get The Most Out of Social Media
3. Practical Tips To Get You Started No Matter Where You are.

The Good, Bad and Ugly.
750 million users on FB and over a million professionals are on Linked In
90% of job seekers have a profile on some social media platform
18. 4 million Americans say FB got them current jobs. The numbers for Twitter& Linked In are 10.2 mill & 8 million respectively.
Bad:? SM is distracts people from focusing. ADD on the rise. Can be a time waster.
Ugly: Privacy concerns

What does SM accomplish:

Social Media is a platform that helps you become visible and known in your market place. Specifically it helps with finding work, connecting with referral sources, building strategic relationships and helps build your brand on line. Why brand building is important. Comparisons with Apple brand. Online reputation management etc.
When using SM effectively you making a warm call rather than cold call.

2. Getting the most out of SM

Ask yourself: Why are you on SM? Finding work, getting new clients, reconnecting, building networks etc.
When you are clear then come with a plan that also indicates how long you will be on SM each and which platform(s) you will be using.? The power of focus means having a clear strategy rather than half-hearted attempts.

3. Practical Tips:
Bios: Update them. Professional experience, less legalease, volunteer experience.
Populating your account: Go back to your plan why are you on SM that will help determine who you connect with on SM.
Now that your connected? Now what? Conduct due diligence:

  • Google alerts
  • Retweeting
  • FYI?s?

Take advantage of joining group: law schools, alumini, professional associations etc. Key to interact and engage. SM is about connecting and conversing. ITS definitely not a transaction.
Take advantage of jobs in navigation bar on Linked In. They match your profile.

Good way of connecting with experts in your area of law OR lawyers from your alumini working in firms that you are looking to work for.
JD Supra/Avvo/MH
Connect with practice area blogs. (Comments etc)

SM requires careful planning and consistent execution of strategy otherwise its getting lost in the Matrix and is a serious time waster.





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