Monday, April 16, 2012

Transformer Prime's GPS fix turns out to be less of a dongle, more of a growth

ASUS Transformer Prime GPS

It's time to ask yourself a question: How badly do you need an official solution to the ASUS Transformer Prime's GPS woes? Landofdroid has snagged some pics of what they say will be the official fix -- a GPS add-on that connects to the Android tablet's data port and sure as hell shouldn't be considered a "dongle" by any definition. That, friends, is a wart. A growth. A malformation of epic proportions. On the other hand, if it actually fixes GPS, then it's a good thing. (At the very least it's increased the Prime's radar reflectivity by an order of magnitude.)

If upsetting the otherwise sleek lines of the Transformer Prime is just too much to ask, there's always that unofficial software tweak that also seems to be getting the job done.


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