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Tips for Outdoor Vacations, RV Camping and Boat Storage near ...


Lake Conroe is a great destination for those who love outdoor recreation, especially boating and water sports and whether you live nearby Houston or not, you can discover plenty of vacation opportunities in this area.

As one of the regions ?best kept secrets? you may not be aware of all that Lake Conroe has to offer, what there is to do, and where you can find all the resources outdoor vacationers need. Discovering new vacation spots is part of the adventure but your time will be must more relaxing if you?ve planned a few things in advance.

Here is a short description of the area, the kinds of attractions and recreational activities available on Lake Conroe, as well as tips on how to find resources such as a place to store a boat, camping equipment, or an RV.


Lake Conroe in Texas is 60 minutes north from Houston via I-45, close to Willis and Panorama Village, Montgomery, which is known for its 27-hole golf course and country club. The lake is surrounded by pine woods and forested area, offering outdoor fun for all ages and tastes.

Accommodation and dining

As a tourist or vacationer, you have lots of choices for accommodation, from hotels and condos to facilities for camping on Lake Conroe, including RV parks. There?s a community of repeat visitors who come to the area, storing their supplies in the off-season at a Lake Conroe RV storage facility.

You can enjoy good food in the restaurants on the waterfront and you have access to numerous bars and clubs offering live music and entertainment.

Recreational activities

Lake Conroe has clear water and picturesque shores and you can take lake cruises and tours, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery. If you love boating and water sports, you have the opportunity to try them all, from sailing and swimming to water skiing, jet skiing and pleasure boating.

There are many other recreational activities and attractions available, including camping on Lake Conroe, hunting and hiking, biking and golfing on one of the many golf courses in the area. Lake Conroe is a great place for fishing enthusiasts, as it has lots fish species, among which the most popular are catfish, largemouth bass, stripers, bream and crappie.

There are many public parks which give the vacationer or visitor access to all sorts of activities, from playing their favorite sport on the baseball, softball or soccer fields to walking and jogging on park trails. Tourists can also have a picnic in covered pavilions with picnic tables. There are lots of fun games and activities for kids, from playgrounds to bird watching and wildlife watching.

If you are looking for a place to store your boat, camping equipment, or RV, you might want to consider available storage options in the vicinity of Lake Conroe. Woodforest Storage, which is conveniently located at 7.5 miles from the lake, offers affordable services for boat storage Lake Conroe, providing the latest on-site security measures, including remote video monitoring for boats and RVs, as well as on-site management.

For more information about boat storage Lake Conroe and camping in the area, please visit www.woodforeststorage.com.

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