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Ottawa Tonite ? Archive ? Spotlight: Novaspire: visual arts, theatre ...

April 3rd, 2012 by Connie Bernardi

So I?ve always been an alt rock music girl at heart and so my radar for the electronica music in the nation?s capital hasn?t been that far reaching.

But recently I?ve jumped in to that music scene and I?m continually amazed at the amazing electronic artists we have here in Ottawa.

And Novaspire is no exception to that rule.

Novaspire describes himself as an ?Audio Visual Artist. Expanding creativity, imagination and consciousness is the prime motivation. I am only limited by the medium I choose.?

I?ve been listening to Novaspire ?Holographic? 11-track album for little over a week and I?m totally hooked. It?s a mix of beats and hooks and ambient sound waves that will have you all trance like after the first listen. That or wishing you were at a sweaty dance club with the strobe lights and crazy disco balls hanging from the ceiling. Seriously I?m good and ready to take a weekend trip to Ibiza.

Three stand out tracks that are a must to check out from Novaspire are?Higher (Than Before) [very Daft Punkish....so loved it x 1000], Roll ?N Rocka and Groupies.

You can download all 11 tracks for free here from BandCamp


Connie Bernardi plays the role of radio announcer on Majic 100 in Ottawa, full time music blogger and seeker of new music. Latest and greatest bragging right?I totally pinched Donnie Wahlberg?s ass.?Try and contain your seething jealousy.

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